BOYUT KENAR BANTLARI Size Plastic Sti. Was established in 2005 and started its activities with PVC edge band production. In 2010, he became a member of Alim Group of Companies. Sti. Since then, it has accelerated its investments and added furniture edge bands such as ABS and PMMA to its product range. Size Plastic, which has attended (visited) specialized trade fairs of worldwide importance, has become a manufacturer of international importance in its sector by exporting 45% of its production (40 countries). With an average production capacity of 7000 tons / year, SizePlastik currently offers nearly 1000 colors and designs to its customers. For this reason, our partners can easily find the color / pattern matching they need for the plates they sell or use from our company. In order to maintain this feature, R & D activities are routinely made available to the customers in the shortest possible time with the edge bands compatible with the decor / colors of all international and local plate manufacturers used in the sector.